Press Statement From Crown Jesus Ministries                          23/03/20


These are unusual days. Across the island, everyone is having to adapt to the changes and at Crown Jesus Ministries we are no different. Since Thursday 12th March, we have had to cancel 218 events including: 58 primary schools visits, 16 special education visits, 54 post-primary visits and outreach events, 6 youth weekends, 84 other outreach events / preaching / teaching planned all across the island from March until June 2020.


As a result, we are changing our tactics but not our mission. The staff are busy writing new material, creating videos, visiting those who are vulnerable, praying on the streets, supporting churches, using social media for evangelism etc. Additionally, our Mission Centre in Monaghan remains open as a food-bank for those in need.


In a time of crisis, we expect certain institutions to be open and certain people to be on duty. We expect hospitals to have their doors open 24/7 to receive and treat patients. We expect our police and firefighters to be ready and available to rescue, to help and to keep the peace. As a ministry we also provide an essential service; the Crown Jesus family continues to reach out with the love and power of Jesus, offering prayer and support in whatever way we can. More than ever before we need to be a voice in the wilderness that offers hope over hate, peace over panic, faith over fear.


In a time of crisis, people are fearful and in need of comfort and community more than ever before. Everyone needs to know, regardless of whether they are church attenders or not that there is a place for them when they need help.


Crown Jesus is doing, and will continue to do everything in our power to support the efforts of our wider community by cleaning, sanitising and taking any other recommended measures to protect people and keep them healthy and safe. We feel that it is very important, at this time, that we keep our HQ open for support. This includes our phone number becoming a dedicated prayer-line each morning from 10-11am and to make ourselves available to minister comfort, healing and hope.


As always, we believe God’s Word is truth and we have full confidence in God and the work of Christ. We are praying for the whole island of Ireland and beyond. To our fellow Christians around the world; we love you and stand with you.


People everywhere are looking for their leadership - both natural and spiritual - to be calm and strong and to lead them through this. Because we will get through this. Right now, we need to be working together to do so. This is an obvious time of financial concern for everyone and we are no exception. Cancelling so many events will impact our income significantly. Please continue to pray for us and if possible support us financially and protect our wonderful team in this season.


A word of encouragement to you, wherever you are:

“Then they cried out to the Lord in their trouble, and He saved them out of their distresses. He sent His Word and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions.”

Psalm 107:19-20


Much love,



Co-founder/ evangelist

On behalf of the Crown Jesus family.




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