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Go Groups

Crown Jesus are committed to sharing the good news of Jesus and equipping others to do the same. From August 2020 we are launching Go Groups. These small groups are designed to help you share your faith with others, our key phrase being 'Does your neighbour know you love them?'

Over the past 4 years we have been successfully running our School of Evangelism in our Belfast HQ, in churches and more recently online. Thousands of people have benefited from this training and we now want to enhance this by launching small groups.

What does it look like?

Go group members will meet bi-weekly in groups of  6-12 people and cover set modules that are designed to equip and provoke others to evangelism. Group sessions will be digital only (Zoom meetings) for the first two modules and then reviewed. Each session will last for one hour and include 20 minutes teaching, 20 minutes discussion followed by prayer/worship. There are two options to meet online. Monday and Tuesday evenings. The first module starts on Monday 24th August / Tuesday 25th August and will be five sessions long, ending in the week beginning 19th October. All sessions and groups are FREE. The first sessions theme will be 'Sharing my story'.

Who can sign up?

Go Groups are open to all who know and love Jesus. You must be a member or attend a local church regularly. There are options of youth groups (14-18years), young adult groups (18-24years), men only, women only, and career options for teachers and emergency service workers. 

How do I sign up? 

Register by completing the form at the link below.

To find out more about how Go Groups came about please click the 'More Info'  button below.


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