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This Stream is focused on ‘out and about’, ‘hands on’ youth and kids ministry.


You will get the opportunity to be involved in schools (both Primary and Post-Primary) and church ministry as well as online engagement. We have been running programmes in schools in Northern Ireland for 18 years and have recently started to be invited into schools in the Republic of Ireland. Therefore you will be able to learn from an experienced team, receive training and get opportunities to grow in confidence and develop your skills in leading and speaking.


Areas of ministry can include:

School assemblies

Puppet ministry

RE lessons

SU groups

Kids and Youth talks in churches or events

1WAY outreach youth events

HUB youth events

Video resources


As part of this stream you will receive an OCN level 2 Qualification in Youth Work Practice.



When: Sept - June

Age: 18-27

Cost: £20 a month (OCN not included)

Days: 3/4 per week

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