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Join a GO Group and be part of a growing movement across Ireland and beyond wanting to share our faith in Jesus with others.

Our next Go Groups module will be launching Autumn 2022 - Stay tuned for more!

What is a GO Group?

At Crown Jesus Ministries, we are committed to sharing the good news of Jesus and equipping others to do the same. In August 2020 we launched GO Groups, with past modules focussing on sharing your story with Barry Woodward, evangelism at Christmas with J. John, and the theology of the cross and resurrection of Jesus with Dr John Andrews.

Go groups meet weekly in groups of 6-10 people and cover set modules that are designed to equip and provoke evangelism. Group sessions will be digital only on Zoom. Each session starts at 7:30pm (GMT), lasts for 90 minutes and includes teaching, discussion and prayer.


All groups are free of charge.


Who can sign up?

Go Groups are open to all who know and love Jesus. You must be a member of, or attend, a local church regularly.  Alongside general mixed groups, there are options of youth groups (14-18years), young adult groups (18-24years), men's/women's groups and more. We can also facilitate you to meet in your own church group if you'd like to do it as a pre-existing small group.



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