Klass Kids

Klass Kids

The Klass Kids team reach thousands of children each year through primary school assemblies, RE classes, after school clubs and church organisations. They engage children in an ever changing culture with the never changing message of Jesus.

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Our puppets love to adventure into schools, invading their assemblies with a production that encourages children to learn about a Bible story and the teachings of Jesus in a fun, creative and relevant way.


This is a five-week programme seeking to delve deeper in God’s Word on a more personal level with children, trying to incorporate elements of the school curriculum, where possible. We seek to capture the attention of children through games, craft, singing and challenges. We love to partner with churches to further the impact of our work.

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Our team have developed specific assembly productions and R.E. classes that have been tailored to creatively share messages from the Bible using puppets, songs, visual aids, Makaton and additional sensory elements. We appreciate that you know your children better than we do and so we would be delighted to work alongside you- making sure we deliver the best and most effective programme for your children.


We partner with the local church to help reach their community with the Gospel. This could happen within partnership in a school context, or through special events or services. Our team love to serve you through opportunities that aim at reaching children that the church do not already minister to.


This is our way to empower the local church and organisations with the skills of puppetry. The main aim is that individuals and groups will have all the knowledge and understanding to start their own puppet ministry team. We see how well children engage with puppets, and we want to share this tool to allow others to hear about Jesus and see children come to Christ.


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