A Place to come and seek revival in Ireland through intercession, worship and training.

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The relationship between evangelism, prayer and revival is deeply connected. Before we speak to others we need to speak to God. Before we face the crowd we need to face the Saviour. Before we stand up, we need to stoop down. If we want the Holy Spirit to go before us we must first meet him in the prayer closet.

In the history of revivals, there have always first been people who are moved to intercede from a place of hunger, compassion for the lost and a stirring of the Holy Spirit. We do not seek a revival through human intervention, but through humbly setting our hearts on prayer, seeking his kingdom and encouraging a culture of Holy devotion

House of Prayer Ireland comprises of 3 main types of gathering.


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We intercede for our land, in the hope and expectation that God will pour out his spirit and revive his Church, drawing thousands to faith and glorifying his name in our midst. We meet to pray for revival every two months, with each gathering being a time for us to grow in faith as we look to God’s promises, pray passionately for our land and worship him with joy and peace. This includes praying for friends and family who are yet to know Jesus, those that are sick, churches, schools and businesses.


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We worship him in freedom and reverence, encouraging a culture of wholehearted devotion, love and awe. Since 2018, we have been partnering with OpenSkies Ireland to provide nights of worship which are bold, passionate and adventurous journeys to wait on God and seek his face. These nights incorporate scripture, prayer ministry and an embrace of the Holy Spirit.


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We seek to grow in wisdom and power, through facilitating and delivering training for the church that we can use in our communities to bring freedom, rebuke the enemy and fan into flame the gift of God. We provide training on prayer ministry which we hope will encourage Christians to minister to others from a place of authority in Jesus.